Perfect if you don't want to be tied to a lengthy contract, for slow-travel tourists, and people renting villas! We are the only company that can offer no data limits. 100% guaranteed!
With France-WiFi  we can give you 100%, super fast reliable broadband access anywhere in France. We provide all of our clients with a dynamic, UK-based IP address; meaning you can use any of the UK only websites, (BBC iplayer etc), without any additional software.
                                                   No hassle set-up. Just order online, plug-in our modem and enjoy the power of our lightning downloads.
      We'll help you set up a PayPal account for your monthly subscription. We currently accept payments into a UK business bank account only. 
Our bi-directional satellite internet service transmits and receives data directly over the satellite. Neither a landline nor a wireless connection is needed to use the service.
We offer 100% coverage in France  with our Satellite internet connection. Speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload with NO DATA LIMITS! (We are the only company in Europe to offer a satellite connection with no data limits  guaranteed). French companies pile on the hidden fees. WE DON'T!
We have a simple monthly fee that includes VAT.